Piano Lessons

Update 2019: I am currently not teaching piano while I focus providing piano technician services.

Teaching Philosophy

I believe everyone can learn to play the piano. I’m a subscriber of deep practice and smart learning. I encourage my students to think about the pieces they play, compare them with others, and to think about the concepts they learned away from the keyboard in addition to while playing. My goal is to empower students to express themselves through music, to share it with others and to keep music as a fun lifelong companion.

My piano lessons include fun activities in addition to playing music including ear-training, music games, rhythmic puzzles and basic music theory. Music appreciation is a key part to building musicianship, and I encourage students to listen to performances and recordings as part of their assignments.


The studio is defined by a music philosophy that views music as a whole experience that goes beyond simply learning to play the piano as an instrument.

Lessons include:

– Classical piano technique and repertoire

– Basic music theory concepts

– Music history

– Ear training

– Sight reading

– Rudimentary composition

Each lesson plan is created with the student’s musical interests and skills in mind. I encourage learning strong piano technique alongside fun pieces, often which students get to choose themselves. In addition to following books, I supplement lessons with duets, original compositions, and classical piano repertoire.

Lessons Schedule

Lessons are offered on a weekly basis in 30 minute or 60 minute slots. In general, I recommend 30 minute sessions for beginners and young students.

Time slots are generally available from 2pm to 5pm, Tuesday through Saturday. Lessons at other times are offered on a case-by-case basis. If the time slot you’re interested in is not currently available, contact me and I’ll see what I can do to fit you in.

Student lesson slots are limited to 10 total per week. If there are no available slots, prospective students are put on a wait list and notified when a new time slot opens up.

Contact me to schedule a time to talk about your learning goals and try a free trial lesson.


The tuition for lessons is $30 for half hour lessons or $50 for 60 minute sessions.