Music Games

This is a short collection of pedagogical games and compositions I’ve created for students and used in many of my piano lessons.

A whimsical, fun music symbol game for all ages. Match flowers with their pots to design your own music garden! Musical Garden is a springtime-inspired game to reinforce music symbol recognition for beginning students. The game includes fifteen different symbol and word pairs.

You will receive  a printable four page PDF download you may print for your own use, not for resale. View a sample PDF of one full page.

The Music Fairy Sample PageThe Music Fairy is a three page piano duet for students and teachers with a focus on reinforcing 8th note pairs. The student part is written out in the middle C hand position and includes basic coordination between the bass and treble. Sheet music does not include rests, slurs, or dynamics to make it accessible for early beginners.

You will receive a three page printable PDF download for your own use, not for resale. Listen to a midi recording of this piece: